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The HR CEM of QuickDecision is an intelligent experience assessment solution covering the entire career process of employees in the enterprise. It helps enterprises efficiently collect and analyse employees’ experience data; enhances employees’ sense of belongings by making them feel heard, valued and respected; assists enterprises in increasing talent attraction, employee satisfaction, and employee retention; concentrates cost on key HR issues; continuously reduces enterprise manpower control costs, and increases enterprise efficiency.
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New Era, New Challenges

Company leaders always know the importance of employee experience but do not know how to hear their true opinions

Inefficient and Costly Employee Survey

For organizations with a large structure and numerous employees, carrying out cross-region interview is costly in both manpower and expenses.

Lack of Professional Assessment Model

A professional assessment model is required to help find the dimension and priority that make employees feel the improvement. Lack efficient and powerful analysis tools to accelerate the analysis process of experience data, such as the actions to be taken by a company towards a certain division.

Employees’ Voice not Timely Heard by Senior Management

It’s hard for senior management to hear the voice of employees since data from traditional survey model have been hierarchically processed and paraphrased. Senior management often lacks first-hand information on the basic facts of the organization and cannot make timely and correct decisions.

HR CEM helps enterprises increase employees’ satisfaction, engagement and productivity to drive business growth

Full-link Solutions

Full-link solutions cover aspects related to HR, including employer brand health research, newcomer on-boarding experience, employee engagement survey and other assessment.

Solutions are professionally designed by HRs serving Fortune 500 enterprises who deeply understand employers’ recruitment needs.

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Rich Insights via Lower Cost

Carry out real-time talk with hundreds of employees via ezTalk, an intelligent online FGD of QuickDecision, to help enterprises obtain rich insights into employees.

Quantitative + qualitative data results are output in a real-time manner via data dashboard with great visual experience for senior management to see results and timely make decisions.

Save business trip fee, venue fee and other expenses in execution for lower cost.

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Real-time Data Analysis Tool

Automatic data process, DP and analysis for efficient output.Real-time cross analysis in multi-dimensions and multi-levels to obtain rich insights from different branches, divisions, and ages.

For employees’ soundtrack, NLP can accurately refine opinions, and visualization technology can carry out intuitive interpretation of experience data.

All data are stored in enterprises accounts. A hierarchical management system helps enterprise personnel to analyze, manage and review data according to their roles.

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Efficient Completion of Employer’s Interactions

The questionnaire satisfies multi-scenario distribution in the private domain, and interacts via dozens of methods such as mini program, WeChat, enterprise WeChat, emails and SMS.

Data are transferred in a real-time manner to the management database of enterprises with simple connection to help the HR division make quick decision .

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