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online questionnaire system

Help find target respondents in a fast, accurate and saving manner, accurately grasp the mind of respondents, and make accurate decisions.
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Traditional survey takes a long time, is costly and slow in recruitment with questionable results


Limited by cost and scale, the recruitment is regionally strong and the recruitment process is slow.


With middlemen earning the difference and the limit of numbers of sample panel, it costs more to recruit the same sample.

Questionable results

With recruitment via sample panel, there may be professional respondents, affecting data quality and resulting biased decision data. Form questionnaire creates poor user experience and consumers can not continuously focus on sharing real opinions.

ezTest real, efficient and cost-effective online questionnaire system

18 Authenticity technologies
QuickDecision owns 18 authenticity technologies including anti-cheating multiple early-warning mechanism, automatic anti-repeating mechanism, and automatic cleaning mechanism to prevent cheating in an all-round way and ensure survey quality.
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Fast and precise recruitment

Carry out real-time online recruitment via mobile internet platforms at home and abroad to find target population and complete consumer insight in a precise and fast way.

Cooperate with to find target consumers via e-commerce search, purchase and other behaviors.

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Lower cost
Connect to media posting and recruitment system with a global coverage, database with professional posting content, and independent recruitment team to recruit real consumers in lower cost.

Best Practice
Renowned small home appliances brand: Complete penetration rate research in 30 categories in 100 lower-tier cities within 2 weeks

A renowned small home appliance brand owns small appliances in various categories. As the marketing plan for lower-tier markets advances, it needs to learn about the penetration rate of all categories in various cities nationwide, especially in lower-tier cities, and consumer perception of categories, purchase intentions, purchase drivers, barriers and other situations, so as to provide reference for future product marketing.

QuickDecision helped complete the penetration research of 30 categories in 2 weeks, and obtained insights from 3,000 consumers in 1000 tier 4/5 cities.

Via disruptive insight results, the brand quickly obtained basic understanding of lower-tier markets and developed marketing plans targeting such markets.

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